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  1. hehehe

  2. Burnout Paradise at AGDQ2018

    The Xbox 360 version was free earlier this year on Games With Gold , so it's possible to play on an Xbox One. There's also rumo(u)rs of a remaster for PS4 and Xbox.
  3. Welcome!

    Is Geico not even safe?
  4. No child of mine...

    Wut aboot this gaem, M8? Its practically Burnout Paradise 2 except theres no @Spoil-t.
  5. Trophy A Day

    You sound like my wife.
  6. I got around 50% trophies then traded this game in. The online was laggy AF and the single player just got boring. Got $21 credit after only paying $15 for it in the first place. I then put that money on a preorder for Spintires Mud Runner .... for Xbox.
  7. No child of mine...

    Project Cars was a "Free" game for Xbox's version of PS+. I never made it passed the go karting. Quiet you!
  8. Welcome!

    Speaking of....which way to the Etron section?
  9. Trophy A Day

    I used to be a big trophy hunter, but I got tired of it. The adrenaline rush just isn't there anymore. The only thing that comes close these days is when @Fuzzypaws "hearts" one on my posts.
  10. Why are you not currently playing the best game on PS4?
  11. No child of mine...

    I guess you heard aboot my Xbox news by now. For those that missed it, it involved some Taco Bell, a little bit of luck and a lot of diarrhea. If you don't mind spending an extra $100 you can get a new Xbox One S and 1-2 new games for $250 from Microsoft/Best Buy/Target.....or wait for Irma to pass and loot one like a proud American.