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  1. Welcome!

    There are no results to show in this activity stream yet
  2. Welcome!

    Does he wear that helmet to bed?
  3. No child of mine...

    There's a real lack of driving games for PS4, wipeout is just too fucking insane online. There's an NFS on the way, the last one was okay'ish apart from those cut scenes.
  4. Trophy A Day

    Hairy and swears a lot?
  5. Looking for Swingers in your area?

    You can get arrested for searching your area too much in public
  6. Food - not safe for Instagram

    Pilaf? wait, there's no rice in there, I'm glad i don't clean out your cage. Sunday we had Square sausage,spicy sausage, link sausage, bacon, black pudding, white pudding, potato scones and cheese grits for breakfast, my kid made a sandwich from most of that, he's not keen on white pudding, to be fair neither am I.
  7. Irma

  8. Trophy A Day

    I sigh when I look at trials fusion trophy list, it'snot the same game unless you get to beet down on @MURFEGGS
  9. No child of mine...

    Decent price, my kid had one, I sold it, the XB1 hated our wi-fi for some reason though and we had to tinker with port forwarding and voodoo in the extended router settings.
  10. Welcome!

    You wonder what kind of boner skeletor has, is it a bone boner?
  11. Fuck DOOM!

    Ah Doom, forever to be known as the game that broke me, finished Doom 2 on PSX and dived straight into ultimate Doom, played until 2am, stood up and promptly collapsed in a heap and didn't play a FPS until Half life 2 which ended the same way, me lying on the floor drooling like Sean in the queue for a cheesesteak.
  12. Best of "Guest Rant" (circa 2000)

    You read that far? I got as far as "wayback..."