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  1. I don't even have next gen console fuck, if they release it for PC at least I will have BSI again
  2. I don't have anything newer than a PS3 so I have no idea
  3. According to the AGDQ schedule someone is doing a big surf island 100% speedrun during their next event in around a month: I think we should spoil his thunder by breaking his world record in time for the event, surely someone here is capable. p.s. for those who don't know GDQ (games done quick) is a biannual speedrunning showcase / charity event, I'll put up a $50 bounty to be donated during that run if anyone here breaks his record
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    I got some showtime but not really showtime trophies. p.s. Danger Zone sucks, probably avoid it.
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    Nice to finally be a member of such a thriving and active community Am I doing this right?