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  1. Fuzzypaws

    No child of mine...

    I thought Murf traded in his Xbone for a Switch, which will be traded in for a mini SNES when supply is good enough.
  2. Fuzzypaws

    Best of "Guest Rant" (circa 2000)

    I'm not reading all that. How about your next post being, "Did you dookie today?" Short and sweet.
  3. Fuzzypaws

    Trophy A Day

    My best streak is in Pokemon GO. I haven't lost it since Thanksgiving 2016.
  4. Fuzzypaws

    Trophy A Day

    Just seeing how all this works, but a good pin anyways.
  5. Fuzzypaws

    Fuck DOOM!

    I really want that UAC on Ultra-Violence trophy but I suck too much.
  6. Fuzzypaws


    Shit post #1.