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  1. dman


    Hmm, a 'racing' game with takedowns and boost, shame it's Codemasters and not Criterion, but BP remastered isn't going to last forever, just thought i'd leave this here. Maybe worth checking out the demo if there is one soon. https://www.redbull.com/gb-en/onrush-interview Comes out in June, I for one, will be sick to death of BP challenges by then I know it.
  2. There may be trouble in Paradise
  3. Not sure if it's worth posting this here, dunno what it could be or if anyone cares, but what the hell. From their Twitter feed.
  4. dman


    Just spamming a little today, makes it look moderately busier you ready player one ?
  5. I just saw this and wanted to post it, thought it was pretty fantastic work. You can post any videos you've seen or made related to video game videos Anyone who's seen Baby Driver, this might look kinda familiar, although Darling's looking a bit rough in the back of the car Turns out GTA5 has ended up as place for people to recreate stuff from movies now, who knew !!
  6. I think it's a little cheeky what they're charging for it, but they say it's all included with no micro-transactions, so you get the party pack . As for the Time Savers shite, surely not ?
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  8. dman


    You could at least leave a light on or something. Welcome Frisby, and anyone else lurking around. Oh and Sharky is a menace in case anyone wasn't in the know.
  9. dman


    So it's come to this :db:
  10. dman

    No child of mine...

    Nope . Is Project Cars any good ? I was feeling the need recently for some driving action, but I hear there's a new Gran Turismo coming in October, but from past experiences with that series it'll probably be released October 2025.
  11. dman


    If only i'd seen the instructions sooner....
  12. dman


    Well the first one couldn't have been less hot if you watched it in a sauna, but this.....
  13. Damn, now I feel super silly and need to keep searching in my area
  14. dman


    He had a bone throne