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  1. Welcome!

    Well the first one couldn't have been less hot if you watched it in a sauna, but this.....
  2. Damn, now I feel super silly and need to keep searching in my area
  3. Welcome!

    He had a bone throne
  4. Food - not safe for Instagram

    Washed down with some Irn Bru ?
  5. Welcome!

    ^ I'm seeing that damn Skeleton everywhere now
  6. Irma

    Just in case you had other ideas, dude.
  7. No child of mine...

    yeah yeah, well played. I guess I walked blindly into that one!!
  8. Irma

    The footage i've seen is simply horrifying, I can't imagine actually being within range of it. If 30-40mph winds come here, there's panic and pants pissing
  9. No child of mine...

    That's what has gone wrong each time on my PS4, I've had two that have stopped recognising blurays, the weird thing is that both times they broke, they still read the game disks which are still blurays but wouldn't read movies. I did use a bluray lens cleaner disk with the little brushes on the disk on the first one though, and was later told you shouldn't use them on the front loading players that the PS4 has.
  10. Irma

    glad to hear it dude. That's some seriously vicious nasty shit going on over there. Scary stuff
  11. No child of mine...

    I've had more issues with my PS4's over the years than my Xbox mates have with their systems. That price seems great.
  12. Welcome!

    Any excuse to rock the skirt kilt, yeah ?
  13. Best of "Guest Rant" (circa 2000)

    I randomly scrolled down and that caught my eye, honest.
  14. Best of "Guest Rant" (circa 2000)

    Wow, you guys had a baby boom recently over there ? Those queues in Starbucks must be getting out of hand
  15. Welcome!

    ^ It was always going to happen sooner or later.