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  1. So $40 for the game... and $60 to renew plus for the year? FML
  2. Prophet


    This is just the place we keep @dman.
  3. Prophet

    No child of mine...

    I finally got around to putting in the disk & installing it yesterday. I only got a chance to go around the track a few times in practice mode in Dubai using the trusty R8. I got to know a few walls pretty well. Looks pretty enough and the control scheme didn't have to be changed. I can't seem to find the boost button though...
  4. Prophet

    No child of mine...

    So I bought the xbox one. Now I have 3 months to toy with it before it becomes a Christmas present. I wanted a used copy of one of the Forza games, but they didn't have any in stock at gamestop... so I picked up a used copy of Project Cars for $15 instead. I already have @MURFEGGS on the friend-list... any of the other 3 people on here have an xbox?
  5. Prophet


    Skeletor feeling emo. Probably a Monday.
  6. Prophet


    If only I had this advice before children
  7. Prophet


    This may help...
  8. Prophet


    It's a dark day, true believers @dman and @Yabba's Turd will have to pick up @Shark_249's slack.
  9. Prophet


    Big fan of Buckfast, I hear.
  10. Prophet

    Food - not safe for Instagram

    This might not look appetizing, in fact, it looks downright revolting... but fuck me, it was damn good. This nightmare on a plate consists of A LOT of sliced mushrooms, diced onions, shredded cheddar cheese, garlic salt & 2 scrambled eggs. So, anyone else have any pics of culinary garbage that tastes much better than it looks? I'm looking in your direction, @Yabba's Turd
  11. Prophet


    A bit off topic, (sorry skeletor) but my new buckfast shirt will be here in a few days!
  12. Prophet


    Oh, I might need some of you to come take these to a secure location and keep them safe. I'm not going to sugarcoat this. Some of you won't survive, but your sacrifice will live on forever.
  13. Prophet

    No child of mine...

    I'm ready for the looters...
  14. Oh dear, I was hoping this was an ad for JawnsOnly.com
  15. Prophet


    I have 3 now. I'm leaning towards the Douglas tartan rather than trying to match piper's exact look.