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  1. Last week
  2. Welcome!

    Well the first one couldn't have been less hot if you watched it in a sauna, but this.....
  3. Damn, now I feel super silly and need to keep searching in my area
  4. Welcome!

    Big fan of Buckfast, I hear.
  5. Welcome!

    He had a bone throne
  6. Food - not safe for Instagram

    Washed down with some Irn Bru ?
  7. Food - not safe for Instagram

    Pilaf? wait, there's no rice in there, I'm glad i don't clean out your cage. Sunday we had Square sausage,spicy sausage, link sausage, bacon, black pudding, white pudding, potato scones and cheese grits for breakfast, my kid made a sandwich from most of that, he's not keen on white pudding, to be fair neither am I.
  8. Food - not safe for Instagram

    This might not look appetizing, in fact, it looks downright revolting... but fuck me, it was damn good. This nightmare on a plate consists of A LOT of sliced mushrooms, diced onions, shredded cheddar cheese, garlic salt & 2 scrambled eggs. So, anyone else have any pics of culinary garbage that tastes much better than it looks? I'm looking in your direction, @Yabba's Turd
  9. Welcome!

    ^ I'm seeing that damn Skeleton everywhere now
  10. Welcome!

    A bit off topic, (sorry skeletor) but my new buckfast shirt will be here in a few days!
  11. Earlier
  12. Irma

  13. Trophy A Day

    I sigh when I look at trials fusion trophy list, it'snot the same game unless you get to beet down on @MURFEGGS
  14. Irma

    Just in case you had other ideas, dude.
  15. Irma

    Oh, I might need some of you to come take these to a secure location and keep them safe. I'm not going to sugarcoat this. Some of you won't survive, but your sacrifice will live on forever.
  16. Welcome!

    Speaking of....which way to the Etron section?
  17. No child of mine...

    I'm ready for the looters...
  18. Trophy A Day

    I used to be a big trophy hunter, but I got tired of it. The adrenaline rush just isn't there anymore. The only thing that comes close these days is when @Fuzzypaws "hearts" one on my posts.
  19. Oh dear, I was hoping this was an ad for JawnsOnly.com
  20. Why are you not currently playing the best game on PS4?
  21. No child of mine...

    I guess you heard aboot my Xbox news by now. For those that missed it, it involved some Taco Bell, a little bit of luck and a lot of diarrhea. If you don't mind spending an extra $100 you can get a new Xbox One S and 1-2 new games for $250 from Microsoft/Best Buy/Target.....or wait for Irma to pass and loot one like a proud American.
  22. No child of mine...

    yeah yeah, well played. I guess I walked blindly into that one!!
  23. Welcome!

    I have 3 now. I'm leaning towards the Douglas tartan rather than trying to match piper's exact look.
  24. Irma

    Once 40mph is reached here, they close the bridge to the island. So you could end up stranded on or off the island. This is the year-round rule, so we all typically get to wherever we need to be well in advance.
  25. No child of mine...

    Well, I can understand needing to use something since I heard the air in Essex is at least 50% hairspray.
  26. Irma

    The footage i've seen is simply horrifying, I can't imagine actually being within range of it. If 30-40mph winds come here, there's panic and pants pissing
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