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  4. Burnout Paradise at AGDQ2018

    The Xbox 360 version was free earlier this year on Games With Gold , so it's possible to play on an Xbox One. There's also rumo(u)rs of a remaster for PS4 and Xbox.
  5. I don't have anything newer than a PS3 so I have no idea
  6. I'm so out of touch these days, is there any way possible to play it on the PS4 ?
  7. Welcome!

    You could at least leave a light on or something. Welcome Frisby, and anyone else lurking around. Oh and Sharky is a menace in case anyone wasn't in the know.
  8. Welcome!

    This is just the place we keep @dman.
  9. According to the AGDQ schedule someone is doing a big surf island 100% speedrun during their next event in around a month: I think we should spoil his thunder by breaking his world record in time for the event, surely someone here is capable. p.s. for those who don't know GDQ (games done quick) is a biannual speedrunning showcase / charity event, I'll put up a $50 bounty to be donated during that run if anyone here breaks his record
  10. Trophy A Day

    I got some showtime but not really showtime trophies. p.s. Danger Zone sucks, probably avoid it.
  11. Welcome!

    Nice to finally be a member of such a thriving and active community Am I doing this right?
  12. Welcome!

    There are no results to show in this activity stream yet
  13. Welcome!

    So it's come to this :db:
  14. Welcome!

    Does he wear that helmet to bed?
  15. Welcome!

    Is Geico not even safe?
  16. No child of mine...

    Wut aboot this gaem, M8? Its practically Burnout Paradise 2 except theres no @Spoil-t.
  17. No child of mine...

    There's a real lack of driving games for PS4, wipeout is just too fucking insane online. There's an NFS on the way, the last one was okay'ish apart from those cut scenes.
  18. Trophy A Day

    Hairy and swears a lot?
  19. Trophy A Day

    You sound like my wife.
  20. I got around 50% trophies then traded this game in. The online was laggy AF and the single player just got boring. Got $21 credit after only paying $15 for it in the first place. I then put that money on a preorder for Spintires Mud Runner .... for Xbox.
  21. No child of mine...

    Project Cars was a "Free" game for Xbox's version of PS+. I never made it passed the go karting. Quiet you!
  22. No child of mine...

    I thought Murf traded in his Xbone for a Switch, which will be traded in for a mini SNES when supply is good enough.
  23. No child of mine...

    I finally got around to putting in the disk & installing it yesterday. I only got a chance to go around the track a few times in practice mode in Dubai using the trusty R8. I got to know a few walls pretty well. Looks pretty enough and the control scheme didn't have to be changed. I can't seem to find the boost button though...
  24. No child of mine...

    Nope . Is Project Cars any good ? I was feeling the need recently for some driving action, but I hear there's a new Gran Turismo coming in October, but from past experiences with that series it'll probably be released October 2025.
  25. No child of mine...

    So I bought the xbox one. Now I have 3 months to toy with it before it becomes a Christmas present. I wanted a used copy of one of the Forza games, but they didn't have any in stock at gamestop... so I picked up a used copy of Project Cars for $15 instead. I already have @MURFEGGS on the friend-list... any of the other 3 people on here have an xbox?
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