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Explosive Hamsters Take Over The World
In a shocking development, these once docile creatures have turned on their masters. After years of torment by the homosexual community, these rodents are taking matters into their own hands...claws. "No longer will my kind be shoved into PVC tubes and chased with Vaseline!" screams General Furrynuts. The General's troops have genetically mutated to allow them to explode at will, but no information is available at this time as to how these creatures obtained this technology. This kind of disregard for one's own life hasn't been seen since the days of the Japanese kamikaze pilots of World War II. We, as humans, must come together and stop this hairy menace. We must overcome the urge to shove tubing up our anal cavities and enticing small animals to explore. If we, as advanced as we are, cannot overcome our rat-lust, then we are doomed.

The daily diary of The Prophet. The entries are usually (almost always) about all the negitive things that go on in his sorry excuse for a life.
Come and have a deep discussion or a pointless shouting match. Look here for advice, computer help, music reviews..and much much more.
More blasphemy than you could possibly shake a stick-like object at. Letters to god, the bible for idjuts, and more coming soon.
Original writing by some of the great minds of our time. If the "great minds" aren't available, look here for writings from the members of UIS.
Classic UIS content such as The Quote List, The Hate List, The Dictionary, The Submitted Evil People List, and more garbage than any other site.
Screen Savers, MP3s, Banners, Java Chat, Clothing, and more coming soon. All items are guaranteed to work at least half of the time.
The Useless Information Society's favorite links. Is your link not up here? Send us an e-mail and see if we like it. All links are certified kosher.
Are you looking for the history of the UIS? Perhaps you're wanting to steal my copyright warning? Are you looking for my measurements? It's all in here.

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Chaos is missing or something. That tends to happen when you take a few years off. So if anyone would like to take over what ever his duties were (it's been so long that I don't even remember)... send me a sample link, with an interesting site summary.

-The Prophet

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